Bezel-set pendant on choker

Bezel-set pendant on choker


This is a very elegant handmade bezel-set pendant.  A beautiful piece of bright yellow seaglass has been set in a custom made sterling silver bezel, with a handmade sterling silver ring attached to the top of the bezel for choker/chains to be threaded through.

Choker is 16" in diameter, sitting quite high on the neck, with the pendant hanging down approximately 23mm to the base of the bezel.


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This is a medium pendant that is lightweight and great for everyday wear or to dress up an outfit.  It weighs only approximately 15g without the choaker.

The choker is sterling silver and hallmarked.  All components of the bezel are sterling silver but are not hallmarked (due to weight regulations allowing this to be sold without a hallmark - but please do contact us if you would like this item sending to the assay office for a hallmark, for an additional cost).


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