Handmade bangle with bezelled seaglass charm (L)

Handmade bangle with bezelled seaglass charm (L)


These bangles are handmade using sterling silver wire and include a handmade bezel.  Hand-formed and hammered they make an elegant addition to any outfit.

This bangle is made from 2.5mm sterling silver wire and has a single piece of smoky grey seaglass that has hints of pale aqua from certain angles, that sits within a bespoke sterling silver bezel.  

This bangle is approximately 8.75" circumference/70mm diameter and so is suitable for a slightly larger than average size hand.  If you love this item but would like it slightly larger, then you can order it but add a note and I can hammer it a little more and expand it slightly.

The last photo shows you how to get a good idea of the size of bangle that you would need.  Measure a straight line between each of your outside knuckles and this is the internal diameter that would fit you.  If you like a bangle to be a squeeze to get on and then not be as loose down over your hand when worn, then subtract another 2-3mm from this measurement.


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These bracelets create a great statement but are very lightweight and so easy for everyday wear, only weighing approximately 10g.

Perfect for dressing up an outfit.

The bracelet is hallmarked as sterling 92.5 silver, with the Birmingham assay office mark, and our own unique Seapig Seaglass mark.