Kids' Eco Gift bundle!!

Kids' Eco Gift bundle!!


This is a fantastic collaboration between 3 small eco businesses, bringing you 3 great ecologically sound gifts for children.  Give as a full bundle, or separate out and give to different children; whatever suits you! 


This bundle includes:

1) Make your own Beeswax Wraps - Kids' DIY kit with a beautiful, vibrant dinosaur design.

Kit contains:

1 x 30cm, 1 x 25cm, 1 x 20 fabric squares

Beeswax, pine resin & jojoba oil blocks

1 x wooden button & twine (for sandwich wrap)

Activity sheet and activity ideas

Did you know cards

Links to other resources

Full bilingual instructions


Plastic Free - Reusable - Clingfilm Alternative


Please note: This is essentially good for any age child....the level of supervision will just vary depending on the child's age (with needle and thread, grater, iron).


2) A starter growing kit that is perfect for children; Grow Your own Cucamelons.  Each pack contains seeds, coir pots and compost pellets.


3) A beautiful upcycled child's bracelet made with a piece of clear seaglass and a choice of either bright blue or purple leather.  Also available in either 5.5" length (age approx 4-8 years) or 6.5" (age approx 8-12 years).


The combined price of the three items should be £31 (£12 DIY wraps, £4 seed starter kits and £15 bracelet) - so by purchasing this bundle you save £3, and support 3 small businesses!  Double win!

For the beeswax kits you will also need to have available:

Greaseproof paper, iron, old towel, grater, needle and thread.


For the tomatoes starter kit you will need an old, washed out tin.