Blue multis sea glass 30mm sleeper earrings

Blue multis sea glass 30mm sleeper earrings


Very rare pieces of multicoloured blues and white seaglass threaded onto sterling silver hoops that are 30mm diameter.  I very rarely make earrings with multicoloured glass because getting 2 similar is so unusual.  The shades in these pieces are slightly different but they are certainly close enough to be a very funky and rare pair of earrings!

Each earring is adorned with 2 sterling silver 3mm diameter beads.

These sleeper style hoops have the thinner part of the hoop going through your ear and then threading inside the hollow hoop.


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These are medium sized earrings that create a great statement but that are very lightweight and easy to wear  The pair only weigh approximately 4g.

The hoops are hallmarked but the beads are not (although the are solid sterling).