Triple bangle with seaglass charm (XS)

Triple bangle with seaglass charm (XS)


These bangles are handmade using sterling silver wire.  Hand-formed and hammered they make an elegant addition to any outfit.

This bangle is made up of 3 inter-linked bangles made from 1.5mm sterling silver wire and have three pieces of forest coloured seaglass that run freely around each of the bangles as it is worn.

These bangles are approximately 7.75"/61mm diameter circumference and so fit over a smaller than average sized hand.  If you love this item but would like it slightly larger, then you can order it but add a note and I can hammer it a little more and expand it slightly.


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These bracelets create a great statement but are very lightweight and so easy for everyday wear, only weighing approximately 6g.

Perfect for dressing up an outfit.

The bracelet is hallmarked as sterling 92.5 silver.

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