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biodegradable kitchen scrubbers by award winning ScrubbiesUK

Scrubbies - Biodegradable cleaning scrubbers (2 pk)


These brightly patterned, handmade cleaning pads are a real must for every kitchen and cleaning job!  Great for getting rid of the dead bugs from car windscreen and bonnets, and because they don't scratch, they're good for cleaning the rest of the car, and even greenhouses, too!

Most standard cleaning sponges/scrubbers shed microplastics into the waterways, with every use.  These biodegradable alternatives are made from 100% organic cotton and thread, naturally antibacterial bamboo lining and have a durable hessian base for stubborn scrubbing!

These cleaning pads can be washed several times and only when they have really reached the end of their life do they need to be composted - what is not to love!

Made by multi award-winning ScubbiesUK!  Winner of 'Product of The Year' at The National Environmental Awards!

They come in a wonderful selection of designs and there are 2 cleaning pads per pack.  

There are so many wonderful designs available and you can select from a selection of categories.

Wash at max 40 degrees centigrade.

Pad size approximately 140mm x 105mm.

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