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We take commissions!

A large proportion of the jewellery we make is to specific specifications from clients.  This might be as simple as making a ring or bangle to a specific size, with a certain colour of seaglass....or it might be working with a client's own seaglass to create a totally bespoke piece.  

The photographs on this page give you a flavour of some of the pieces and sets that we created for clients in 2022.

The time needed to complete a commission piece can vary depending on the complexity of the item, but generally this is 2-4 weeks.  In addition to us creating the item we usually require pieces to be hallmarked (weight-dependant) and so we also need to factor in your items being sent to Birmingham Assay office before we complete it.

If you would like to discuss a possible commission piece with us then just get in touch either by WhatsApp on 07736 964106 or by email on

We look forward to creating a special piece for you!