Our Environmental Ethos


Reducing our impact on the environment, whilst producing and sharing exciting and desirable items is very important to us here at Seapig.  Of course there is always more that we can do to reduce our carbon footprint and we are always investigating and implementing new and progressive processes and ideas.  We always welcome hearing from Seapig supporters with ideas they may want to share with us. 

Here are just a few of the ways we are trying to be 'planet-kind'.

Beach cleaning!  We attend many local beach-cleaning events, and each time we go out ourselves to collect seaglass (2-3 times a week usually) we also remove a bag of rubbish from the beach, which is usually plastics. 


We chose the gift-box company we use because they can supply us with boxes that are 100% recycled; the outer box, the synthetic cotton inner liner and chlorine-free paper wrap material.  They are also produced using renewable hydroelectricity.  

We recycle all the packing material that we get items sent to us in, and use these to send the seaglass jewellery out to our customers....all wrapped up with plastic-free parcel tape!