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Sunday, 19th February 2023 saw a first! Seapig welcomed its' new participants to our very first seaglass drilling workshop.

Running a seaglass drilling workshop has been something we've been aiming for (and looking forward to) for quite a while now. So many of our lovely customers have asked us how we make our seaglass jewellery, whilst others have wondered what to do with their beautiful pieces of seaglass, collected when combing beaches all around the world.

After introducing ourselves over a cuppa and some nibbles in the Seapig shop and gallery, we all settled down in the workshop, which was kitted-out with brand new drills, and all the pieces of seaglass needed to learn about (and practise!) drilling, WITHOUT cracking the glass that is; it's trickier than it looks!

Once everyone felt more confident, it was off to choose the pieces of seaglass (or use their own collection) and start creating some jewellery. One of the things that everyone took away from this first workshop, was an appreciation of the fact that trying to find matching shades and sizes of seaglass, is quite a task! I mean, how many shades of green seaglass could there be? Dozens!

After deciding which two pieces of jewellery everyone would like to make and choosing the colour and size of seaglass to use, everyone headed back to the workshop to start creating. The adage 'If at first you don't succeed... try, try again' came into play, but Hey! If it was that easy, there'd be no need for a workshop, would there?!

All the jewellery findings that we used were sterling silver (and 14kt filled gold ones are also available, if attendees prefer), and everyone managed to create some lovely pieces of jewellery to take home and show off!

Thank you to Rosie, Maureen, and Caroline, for helping us launch our very first seaglass drilling workshop, and for being such good sports! We can't wait for our many upcoming workshops!!

For dates of Seapig's future seaglass drilling workshops, please click here:

Written for Seapig by Lizzie Hudson

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